EmComm / ARES


EmComm / ARES is a group within our club focused on emergency preparedness and communications support in emergencies.  We are affiliated with the national Radio Amateurs of Canada and its Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) organization.


We work with emergency managers in York Region and its municipalities, preparing to provide backup communications to emergency workers when their usual communications systems are disabled or overloaded.


We help manage the club's inventory of radios, antenna tower trailers, repeaters, and other equipment to ensure that we can meet the club's commitments to our communities.  We also take emergency management training - often the same training as our regional and municipal partners - to be well-prepared to support them if needed.


The EmComm group meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month (except July and August) at 7:00pm at the Newmarket Community Centre and Lion's Hall, 200 Doug Duncan, in downtown Newmarket (just north of Fairy Lake).  Anyone interested is welcome to attend.

How to Get Involved in Emcomm? Just contact YRARC for full details.