Digital Modes


The wide spread ownership of personal computers that have digital sound cards allows radio amateurs to develop new modes of digital communication.

PSK31 was the brainchild of Peter Martinez, G3PLX. If the call sign seems familiar, you might recall Peter as the father of AMTOR. Up until relatively recently, PSK31 was the favorite of a small cadre of experimenters who used DSP development kits to put the mode on the air. That was all well and good, but it kept PSK31 in the shadowy corners of our hobby where few knew it existed. Like Prometheus bringing fire to the mortals, however, Peter blew the doors wide open by creating a Windows version of PSK31 that did all of its DSP magic using ordinary 16-bit PC sound cards.


PSK is but one of many digital modes available to operators today. Some modes are specific for bad band conditions, and if you can type, you can operate digital!


A Google search of 'digital modes' will turn up a wealth of information on this subject.