6 Meters & Up 

If you’ve never experienced the fun of VHF and UHF operating, YRARC would like to encourage you to give it a try. With many HF radios now offering at least 6 meter SSB/CW capabilities -- and some offering 2 meters and 70 cm as well -- any amateur with a Basic class license or higher can experience long-haul communication on the VHF bands.

What makes this an exciting activity are the many ways that VHF and UHF communications occur. Signals can be reflected from the Moon, airplanes, the ionized trails of meteors and even the Aurora Borealis. Sometimes the signals can be barely heard and last for mere seconds, while other times stations on the other side of the world sound like they're next door. 

One place to check this out is at our Annual ARRL Field Day event in June. Bob, VE3WY always has a station running on the 6 metre band and often also on the 2 metre band. Every year the results are different, because you never know what will happen on these bands.

The club also runs a 6 metre net most Monday nights at 8pm on 50.135 upper sideband. (Note: sometimes we change bands and modes to try out new things so watch the web site or the Yahoo reflector for announcements). Any amateur, club member or not, is welcome to check in.