Club Projects


We have some great project nights in the club and you are welcome to take part. Past project nights have covered everything from kit SDR kits to antennas.

Contact us for more details or to sign up.

We owe a special thanks to our great project night instructors. Steve, VA3SRV who led us through the construction of the Softrock RX/TX Ensemble II Software Defined Radio kits. These tested our close-up vision with some very tricky surface mount soldering, and the picture above shows this taking place with some help from the specialized soldering equipment provided by Steve.

Brad, VE3HII, led our most recent series with an introduction to Microprocessors using the Atmel AVR 8-bit microprocessors (these are used in the very popular Arduino designs). Participants learned how to work with these microprocessors in the C language and the fundamentals of digital interfacing. Details of the project can be found on Brad's web site.