Fox Hunting

Some of our members frequently fan out across York Region on a weekend morning to find the "fox" in a foxhunting game.  The "fox" is a volunteer member who hides him/herself somewhere in York Region and begins transmitting low-powered radio signals.

The hunters use directional antennas and other equipment to determine the location of the fox.  They have a friendly competition to be the quickest at finding the fox's transmitter.  All have usually found it within a couple of hours.

The foxhunting games are played for fun - and we do have fun - but they also polish our skills in the art and science of radio-direction finding.  Using those skills we can identify the sources of radio interference, illegal transmissions, or or other problems affecting the airwaves.

If you are interested in joining us we can teach you what to do, and even lend you equipment to do it.  The games are VERY relaxed, and it is strangely true that many of the winners of our games have been first-timers!

For more information, come out to one of our meetings or contact us via our Contact Us page.